Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day 2025 is an annual federal American holiday. It is a federal holiday in the United States and celebrated on the third Monday of the month of January each year (around his birthday on January 15). With this, they celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15). You can mark this day on our January 2025 Calendar.

Mon, Jan 20, 2025

Martin Luther King DayYear
Martin Luther King Day 2024Mon, Jan 15, 2024
Martin Luther King Day 2025Mon, Jan 20, 2025
Martin Luther King Day 2026Mon, Jan 19, 2026
Martin Luther King Day 2027Mon, Jan 18, 2027
Martin Luther King Day 2028Mon, Jan 17, 2028
Martin Luther King Day 2029Mon, Jan 15, 2029
Martin Luther King Day 2030Mon, Jan 21, 2030
Martin Luther King Day 2031Mon, Jan 20, 2031
Martin Luther King Day 2032Mon, Jan 19, 2032

Martin Luther King was an important civil rights activist. He was the first leader in the movement in order to end racial segregation in the United States. His well-renowned slogan was the “I Have a Dream” speech. He was an advocate of non-violent protest by profession and became the youngest man to be awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Beside this, he was assassinated in 1968.

By celebrating this day, they celebrate the achievements of this powerful American civil rights leader. After King’s death, United States Democrat Representative introduced a bill in Congress to celebrate King’s birthday a national holiday.

Is Martin Luther King Jr. Day a Public Holiday?

This day is US Federal Holidays. State government offices are closed. Some colleges, schools and businesses may also be closed on this day. On this day, schools teach their pupils and students about the work and struggle of Martin Luther King. They taught his effort against racial segregation as well as racism.

Long Weekend

Basically, Martin Luther King Day falls on the third Monday of January; it is one of the Federal holidays in the United States that forever creates a long weekend. On this day, people gather to celebrate the work of Martin Luther did and the people he elevated through sturdy, peaceful protests and activism.